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Morphology, broken down into its root words, is the study of form. We are identifying how the form of a word affects its meaning and grammatical function, in a given context. As part of the OSHB project, we have developed Hebrew Morphology Codes, to signify the usage of the words in the Hebrew text.

Over a ten-year period of time, the Parsing Project has applied these codes to the text of the Hebrew Bible, using Parsing Principles developed by the team. For more information, see the blog post Morphology For the Masses by the Masses.

Now that they appear in the text, as in the illustration above, we can interpret them in a readable format. A demo of the interpreter has been implemented in OSHB Read, for anyone who wants to use it. Just click on a word in the text and you will see its morphology in the box below the text.


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