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The Hebrew Lexicon consists of three major parts.

  1. The Lexical Index was constructed as a hub for accessing basic information on the Hebrew words, listed alphabetically. It contains codes to link to the other two parts, as well as the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. It can be extended to reference other works, as needed.
  2. The Brown, Driver, Briggs lexicon is an abridged transcription of the source text, that can be downloaded in various forms at
  3. Strong’s dictionary began as data from 2LetterLookup, used by permission. We have since reformatted and corrected the entires, to provide content for our dictionary and parts of the Lexical Index.

The OSHB Lexicon now has its own home page. A full description of the lexicon is available at Hebrew Lexicon Documentation. This includes additional files for looking up the lemma codes of the OSHB in the lexicon. The OSHB Lexicon App demonstrates this in action. Just enter an OSHB lemma or Strong number, and the app will show the definitions.


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